February 2007

Susan ” Life is a responsibility to your loved ones, not only for yourself to behold and enjoy.”

Because of cancer, i hear my mom cry to sleep at night. But i can’t do anything. I can only use words to comfort her. I can say the sweetest things and most motivating words but…

Because of cancer, i have an estimated time of 5 years left with my mom. There is a 40% chance she will not have a relapse. Every second is important. Nothing else matters when i don’t have her beside me to share my joy. I can be the most famous person in the universe, marry my wife or girlfriend, have the most beautiful son or daughter but i can’t have my mother beside me to joke with.

She will not see me get married in the church, she will not see her grandson or granddaughter

Because of cancer, i have to be strong. I can’t show my pain, my anguish in front of her.

Because of cancer, i spend more time with her. I learn so many new things about her which i feel so ashamed of. Why did i not find out earlier? It’s only after she has cancer that i communicate with her and spend more time with her.

Because of cancer, I realized that she does not like to put powder on her face. She hates make up.

Because of cancer, i have made many great friends and people who went out of their way to provide help for my mom. I’m deeply touched. I wish i can thank them more than just a “thank you”

Because of my mom’s cancer, i feel the pain of people who i know who suffers or have love ones who are suffers from cancer. I pray and hope there will be a cure and advancements in controlling the cancer cells.

Because of cancer, i treasure my mom more. How pathetic of me.

Most importantly, because of cancer i realize all these and I thank God for it.

Because of cancer, i appeal to those who are reading, you know what to do…


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Since we are on the topic of Love- Valentine’s Day recently passed. I was reading some articles on the net during my regular interval breaks when i chanced upon an interesting article-

What exactly is love?

I was drawn in by the description given by the anthropologist Dr Helen Fisher, who has been studying the subject for 32 years. “Love is the temporary insanity driven by hormones”. Love can be divided into three entities: lust, romance and attachment. These 3 entities are basically control by a whole range of hormones. And this production of hormones actually lead to good health and she continued to use bombastic words to explain…. Therefore, if one is married, or happily cohabiting, in the long term you will suffer from less depression and live significantly longer than those who are single, divorced or widowed. Some may protest violently to that statement. Right guys? heh. You can read more from the Independent.

After reading the article, i realised what she said actually made sense to me. It should, she took 32 freaking years. No life. oops. ok back to the topic, the 3 entities or stages are exactly what and how relationships work. Lust comes first, followed by romance and lastly attachment. Religious people may argue with me. But that will be another topic on anther day.

Well i want to add on. Its nothing scientific like Dr Helen Fisher. I believe love is the commitment of 2 COMPLETE persons. Either one should never change for the other. They should accept the person as he or she is. So fuck damn those lovey dovey dramas where the boy or girl would “我是愿意为您改变 , 因为我爱你.. 给我一次机会” bull shit man! Love is not abt changing for someone else. I would never do that at the first place and i would not want my future partner to do that too. I want to love her for the way she is. Ok back to my books. That was my 5 cents worth on love. No more sentimental side. 15 mins is up.

some amazing ideas on gun control

a little advice for dummies…should help you out here jiajie….


Happy valentines to all the love birds out there…spend your time with the man of the moment…

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