1. 3 charming Males
  2. soccer fanatic
  3. Abnormal
  4. Ruled by Mayzor

The blog was founded in 1834 + 173yrs = 2007, 2 Feb, in the wee hours at 5:14am. Then marc and jj was busy designing the skin hoping to impress girls who visit this site. While Mel was sleeping with Mayzor. It may not be as bitchy as XiaXue or as entertaining as Mr. Brown but one thing is for sure, there will no lacking of effort and passion from the 3 of us.

You may wonder how we got the name “delicious thoughts”? Delicious because we love to eat. Everyone loves to eat except maybe Paris Hilton or Nicole Ritchie or Kate Moss and all those boney peeps. Furthermore, our ruler, King Mayzor loves to wait every evening at 7 pm by the kitchen to watch for Mel’s to whip up a “delicious” meal if not Mayzor will whip him. SAD?? no Mel loves it. As for “thoughts”? Well, everyone thinks no matter how big or small the thought is. SO yeah, thats how we form our domain name.

We hope to sustain this blog for as long as ever. And hope you will support us by hitting us! Not beat us but hit us baby one more time…