As suggested by our Singapore based correspondent [acrosshislongwalnutdesk], Sir Alex seems to have pulled off the move of the century.

Sir Alex Fergie was absolutely delighted with his new signing, saying “Bloody bollocks, I was flipping on telly with a jolly old cup o tea with me old hairdryer when this Ronaldo lad calls me and says we be signing new champion pedigree players or he be off to barca for 40 quid! flippity squeakity too! Well me old matey, a champion was what Ronaldo wanted, and a champion Precious is, blimey, blistering barnacles. ”

This move will surely shock the rest of the Premiership team, who thought the transfer deadline had long passed. However, Fergie explained, : “Come hither tae yer mither cause yer fayther disney want ye. hinka cumfae cashore canfeh, Ahl hityi oar hied ‘caw taughtie. Peter Piper picked a jolly bag o ye Precious Emuejeraye!!”. Benitez led the cheers for Fergie’s audacious swoop by shouting with a mouthful of tacos, “NICE ONE LA FERGIE”, to which Fergie replied with grace, “YIPPIE KAY YAY MOTHERPRECIOUS LA SCOLARI”

Stay tune for more Precious updates!