Former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 2007. He was nominated by four non-governmental organisations in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Love him or hate him, i must admit he is a strong advocate of peace for his courageous stand against war on humanity. Like how Denis Rodman would say to Carmen Electra- Passion is NOT A CRIME bitch. Mahathir you are da man.!! Only he can push for a tribunal to try UK Prime Minister Tony Blair and US President George Bush for WAR CRIMES. Kudos to him..

And Reports suggest that he is embracing it:

Dr Mahathir is busy signing autographs. A woman passes him a copy of her programme to sign.

Oh Dr Mahathir”, she coos, “you’re more handsome in person than you are in photographs.”

The 81-year-old statesman takes it in his stride.

His admirer persists. “I’m honoured, I’m standing in front of you, I’m shaking I feel like I’m in love for the first time,” she says.

“Shameless flattery,” I suggested to Dr Mahathir.

“Yes, it’s flattery,” he said with a grave smile.

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This year’s nominees for the award include former US Vice-President Al Gore, Finnish peace broker Martti Ahtisaari and Chinese dissident Rebiya Kadeer.