Life is a drama. Roles of villains and heroes will always emerge, albeit always in a subjective context. Pain & pleasure run along side by side conflicting each other or in better words, dependent on each other. If you do not welcome your suffering today, then how can you find that peace in your heart? My goodness, my thoughts run like ‘Miso choosing his shitting spot at home’.
Sathya Sai & Buddhism are in my opinion, very good mediums for one to learn good values. Emphasizing heavily on the sensitivity of other faiths, believing the many divine ways to reaching that one omnipotent being. I was yet at another religious gathering yesterday (I really dunno how I always end up in this kind of events) and although I spend 90% of the time cracking jokes, I realized that I had come out with something interesting. If one believes that all rivers lead to the ocean (several ways to God) then one can establish that other faiths all try to reach the same goal. However, if one thinks the other way, that the ocean is made up of all the rivers that lead up to it, then one can establish that it is inevitable to find several paths to God, that one must APPRECIATE the other rivers for making up the ocean. Next, if one does not believe in other ways to the divine being, then that religion is nothing but an ox-bow lake. Laugh all you like mother fuckers, with this analogy, for if you laugh, then you mock not only me but of all religions.