Susan ” Life is a responsibility to your loved ones, not only for yourself to behold and enjoy.”

Because of cancer, i hear my mom cry to sleep at night. But i can’t do anything. I can only use words to comfort her. I can say the sweetest things and most motivating words but…

Because of cancer, i have an estimated time of 5 years left with my mom. There is a 40% chance she will not have a relapse. Every second is important. Nothing else matters when i don’t have her beside me to share my joy. I can be the most famous person in the universe, marry my wife or girlfriend, have the most beautiful son or daughter but i can’t have my mother beside me to joke with.

She will not see me get married in the church, she will not see her grandson or granddaughter

Because of cancer, i have to be strong. I can’t show my pain, my anguish in front of her.

Because of cancer, i spend more time with her. I learn so many new things about her which i feel so ashamed of. Why did i not find out earlier? It’s only after she has cancer that i communicate with her and spend more time with her.

Because of cancer, I realized that she does not like to put powder on her face. She hates make up.

Because of cancer, i have made many great friends and people who went out of their way to provide help for my mom. I’m deeply touched. I wish i can thank them more than just a “thank you”

Because of my mom’s cancer, i feel the pain of people who i know who suffers or have love ones who are suffers from cancer. I pray and hope there will be a cure and advancements in controlling the cancer cells.

Because of cancer, i treasure my mom more. How pathetic of me.

Most importantly, because of cancer i realize all these and I thank God for it.

Because of cancer, i appeal to those who are reading, you know what to do…