Each time I hear Old Trafford roar
I get really excited.
There’s nothing like the thrill you get
While watching Man United.

He may not be Robson or Keane,
But he will be – I betcha.
He’s getting better every day,
The big yin Darren Fletcher.

Though he’s no Peter Schmeichel
He’s a renowned superstar
Keeping the goal poachers at bay,
He’s Edwin Van Der Sar.

I’d walk a million miles to see
One of his special goals…
God broke the mould the day that He
Created wee Paul Scholes.

And who’s that in the goal box,
Grinning like a Mersey loony?
He looks so weird in that short beard –
He’s scored! Woohoo! Wayne Rooney!

His ball-control’s beyond compare,
Like Tiger or Nick Faldo…
That ball must be glued to his foot –
There’s only one Ronaldo.

A genius skims through the defence,
Ignoring kicks and digs…
The opposition drool and dribble
Watching Ryan Giggs.

extracts from Kevin Connolly’s poem