April 2007

2 former Manchester United greats have won the right to be in next season’s EPL. Sunderland and Birmingham have been promoted from division 1 and ready to play against the big boys again. Along with Mr Mark Hughes, the former holy trinity in the 90s are back to challenge Sir Alex for the EPL crown. I am very sure Roy Keane will be up for it.



that is whats up with tony yeboah marcus. that is whats up. that.

Check out her abs man! Its about time she came to her senses. It was not too long ago when I thought it was the end of Britney. Fame has gotten the better of her, chose the wrong guy to marry and suicide was the next big news waiting to happen. Thankfully, i was wrong. Hopefully she collaborates with Mr. Timbaland to get her groove back. Hope she “Brings Sexy Back”, “Say it right” and ” Give it to me”. Guess Pressly has taken over Britney’s shoes and clothes.

britney-spears-millenium-dance-abs-01.jpg jaime-pressly-sag-awards-01.jpg



“Whenever anything really bad happens around Korean people, that is when I would like to hide, go to Hawaii and eat spam sushi until it blows over. I don’t want to comment on it because I don’t want to escalate the situation and I don’t want to implicate myself in it. I don’t want to ‘come out’ as Asian because therein lies a tremendous responsibility that I never volunteered for, that I don’t have any real control over, and that is as mysterious to me as it is to someone who isn’t Asian.

So here is the whole terrible mess of the shootings at Virginia Tech. I look at the shooter’s expressionless face on the news and he looks so familiar, like he could be in my family. Just another one of us. But how can he be us when what he has done is so terrible? Here is where I can really envy white people because when white people do something that is inexplicably awful, so brutally and horribly wrong, nobody says – “do you think it is because he is white?” There are no headlines calling him the “White shooter.” There is no mention of race because there is no thought in anyone’s mind that his race had anything to do with his crime.

So much attention is focused on the Asian-ness of the shooter, how the Korean community is reacting to it, South Korea’s careful condolences and cautiously expressed fear that it will somehow impact the South Korean population at large.

What is lost here is the grief. What is lost is the great, looming sadness that we should all feel over this. We lose our humanity to racism, time and time again.

I extend my deepest sympathies to all those who lost their loved ones, their children, their friends and family, in this unimaginable tragedy. I send them all the love I have in me, and I encourage everyone to do the same.” ripped from Margaret Cho’s blog, sister of the holocausta.

Both neolithic villages and modern society raise goats in order to survive. The latter thrives especially on scapegoats.” – Mayzor 3:16

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