The following is based on my shopping experience in Bangkok. It may not necessary work for all as everyone has different articulation and face ( i look like a clown). Nevertheless, i am proud to achieve a 100% success rate in my purchases and firmly believe it will work with practice. This is basically from a male’s point of view. Females do not need to read this as they have a inborn talent to bargain.


Step 0


Step 1

Learn the basic Thai language. For example, how much – ” Tao Rai”, the numbers ” nen, song , sum , si ……”, Expensive “Pang” , can lah “Dai lah” etc.

Step 2

Go along with 2 female friends. A lady’s voice really works wonders!!!


If you really can’t speak their language, stop embarrassing yourself and ask for a calculator. I speak from experience as i pissed off a few retail owners

Step 4

Buy in bulk. This has a 99.9% success rate. If nothing works from step 1 to 3, you can be sure step 4 will work.

Step 5

Thank them “Kop Pum Krum (if u are a male) / Ka (if you are a female)” and praise them. You are handsome “lor mak mak” and beautiful ” suai mak mak”. They will laugh and be extremely happy. You can also use this tactic in between step 1- 3. A bit of Flattery goes a long way. However, the reason i put it the last is if you are not sure if the person you are talking to is a male or a female, please don’t say anything. The lady boy might be pissed. Its Thailand after all. You can never be too sure of the gender. Oops.

For those who intend to go and have limited time, go to “Platinum Mall” It is the best place to shop. Forget about popular places like Chatuchak Weekend Market, Mahboonkrong, Siam Square, Patpong etc, it is more expensive. The good thing about shopping at Platinum Mall is they sell items at wholesales price. It is significantly cheaper than the retail price. The only draw back is you have to buy at least 3 items.