gun control

I read the 3rd installment for the massacre in google news and Spore Straits times and the game is pretty much over when you simply put blame on the individual … ie. “Police labels man as mentally unstable.” This guy was an English major, who had planned and executed the massacre to perfection. He even wrote a death note scrutinizing about the rich bitches of society. Mentally unstable? Whao … then the idea of IQ has got to be fucked man. Oh ok, he stalked 2 girls and wrote violent papers for his essays…. right, he has got to be the cause behind all this. What happened to nurture over nature?

USA will forever be USA, always trying to be different in every way. Steering wheels on the left, roads systems, sea lanes, blah blah. I think they are too proud of this gun ownership thing to ever let it down. Increase gun ownership? Hey, sounds like good money for white collar people. Maybe the debate was paid for and staged! (conspiracy theory, based on myth, not empirical)

Look we really oughta store those guns away. Being brought up in an environment of guns makes it really easy and convenient to pull the trigger. No wait … what am I saying?? Keep them guns coming man! Let the future massacres set the stage of this gun issue and whatever other tensions/injustices of capitalistic societies can bring forth.

PS: Xy, do you need me to send over SWG kelver jacket? Good for jogging also, burn more fats. I think I send over the whole attire la, then everyday go sch in CS uniform.