Pedestrians in Singapore were crowned the world’s fastest movers recently in a study of pedestrians’ speed in getting from one place to another in their daily lives.

“The study was carried out with the help of the British Council, which promotes British cultural links with countries around the world.

Researchers in each city found a busy street with a wide, flat pavement, free from obstacles and sufficiently uncrowded to allow people to walk at their maximum speed. They then timed how long it took 35 people to walk 60 feet.”

The times, in seconds, recorded in 32 cities across the world are listed below:

1) Singapore (Singapore): 10.55

2) Copenhagen (Denmark): 10.82

3) Madrid (Spain): 10.89

4) Guangzhou (China): 10.94

5) Dublin (Ireland): 11.03

6) Curitiba (Brazil): 11.13

7) Berlin (Germany): 11.16

8 ) New York (United States of America): 12.00

9) Utrecht (Netherlands): 12.04

10) Vienna (Austria): 12.06

 now tell me why am i not in the least bit surprised. heres the link to the full article.