Its been a close 3 days and i am still feeling emo over Man Utd’s lost. The better team definately won on the day. Chelsea had a game plan and that was to prevent Man Utd’s champaign flowing counter attacking football. Kudos to the self proclaim speacial one who i think deserves every accolades he is receiving. I would love to see him manage Man Utd one day. His record is definately second to none. Hate his arrogance but you cannot deny his passion and love for the game.  Latest news suggest Man Utd is going to sign Owen Hargreaves the lion from Cananda. Looks like Fergie is gonna play 5 mid fielders next season just like Chelsea. There is the saying that goes- if you cant beat them, then join them. The last time man U played 4 -5- 1 was 2 seasons back which they ended up trophyless. Hope i am wrong. As I continue to feel sore and pain over the lost, I can always rely on Nelly Furtado’s insanely hypnotizing voice to say it right for me.