Here are some of my thoughts for the game. Before the match started, they showed the 2005/06 CL triumph of pool over AC. When I watched the match again, I realized how much Pool was an underdog back then. To explain how things turned in their favour was beyond scientific explanation. Maldini mentioned before that it was only destiny that Pool clinched the trophy. Firstly, the team back then was full of people Benetiz just couldn’t wait to sack. From Troare to Cisse to Baros to Igor Biscan to Hamann etc etc. It was a team build up by Houllier, con-ed by Rafa. Put it this way, it was an ill-prepared team. Next, in the 1st half, not only was AC up by 3 goals, 2 key players were injured namely Kewell and Finnan, forcing Hamman to be sub on as a replacement rather than as a tactical move. Therefore, for pool to score those 3 goals (not tycho, but genuine goals) only reasons such as destiny and fate could be used for explanation. AC Blew It…. everything was in their favour.

Moving on to present time, yesterday’s match left a sour feel in my mind. Sour because Milan played horribly and whose opening goal is fucking tycho .. to put it simply. For Man U to have lost against AC, was honorable, because AC was at a different class that day but yesterday, the game was all for the taking for Pool. AC’s passing was atrocious. For me the opening, the window of opportunity to win was definitely there but IMO, Benetiz had selected the wrong first 11. IMO, it is because of this wrong selection, that allowed Milan to tahan the many chances. The final 11 in the 85th minute onwards was the exact 11 I had wanted him to play. Riise on left mid, not Zenden. Arbelo on left back not Riise. Crouch and Kuyt upfront, not Gerrard and Kuyt (which in EPL have been experimented and failed) I choose not to sulk like a pussy over the loss because in my opinion, Benetiz crazy rotation and Crouchless 11 is a drawback in his tactics. I hope he learns from this defeat that sometimes the obvious is better. Pool was okay yesterday, but she her true potential was not tapped. Pool blew it…. everything was in their favour.