June 2007


this one’s just for u mel.


since im already going to hell with all my superficial shit, might as well dedicate another to u.




“Benoit cried as he celebrated in the ring with his wife and son, as well as best friend, wrestler Eddie Guerrero, who died in 2005.”Wrestling has consumed my life,” Benoit said in a 2004 WWE career retrospective video. “Wrestling is my mistress. It’s my passion. It defines who I am as a person.”

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now what would be the singaporean equivalent of this?


just me getting into my car…

I WISH. everyday i go to work and i see this hell of a beauty sitting there outside fullerton just opposite my office….its calling out to me guys…


today i was checking a girl while waiting in queue for a bus. got caught red-handed when her eyes looked back at mine. normally the our reflexes instantly turn us away, but that would be so bloody obvious that i WAS so staring at her. so this time…i decided to NOT to break eye contact and HOLD MY BALLS.┬áso there we stood looking right into each others’ eyes for almost 5 seconds….

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