i see alot of frustration about the lack of signings by liverpool fans on soccer forums and message boards and this is my reaction. fret not liverpudians. for i understand exactly how you feel, for i was having the exact same sentiments this point of time as a manu fan last season.

why, manu didnt make a signing til carrick came in on the last day of july! i admit i was one of the top moaners saying manu wud not even have a blasphemy’s chance of winning anything, but look at what happened. We got a title in the bag, and lost narrowly in an FA cup final we did not deserve to lose.

im not saying u guys shldnt complain but all im saying is, have patience. and even if the etoos and alves and militos dont come in the end, u still have peter crouch who can do anything, as proven by pictures from his holiday training camp.