So i’m attending a function with my dad.

Visiting his country club to see them unveil their future plans for the club.

I dress up, wear a nice shirt, put on a coat and head for the club.

Upon reaching there, there is already a crowd built up, people enjoying free flowing red wine, polish vodka (which in my opinion taste absolutely NO different from normal vodka), and freshly brewed beer. There is also a spread of fresh salmon, roasted tender beef and sushi served on a huge marble slab. Pretty fine dining.

So here I am walking around, checking out the artists drawings of the future club, making my way around and trying out different alcohols, and finally i come to the 3rd level where the fitness centre is. I spot this tall petite Asian girl who apparently works at the fitness centre. She has long flowing hair, neatly tied into a ponytail with grey streaks.

Well, she was standing near the pool, in charge of a small competition where people took turns to race a remote control boat from one end of the pool to the other side while navigating around obstacles set in the pool. So I make small talk,

me: hi! is this a competition?

her: yup! the winning time currently stands at 58 seconds!  do you want to give it a shot?

me: SURE! (at this point of time, i’m already standing there waiting in line behind this lady who apparently has NO idea how to work the remote control boat and takes an ETERNITY to get the boat back to the starting point)

her: so are you ready or do you want a practice run?

me: umm..i guess i’ll give it a practice.

(So I start playing around with the boat, and apparently it isn’t as easy as it seems. ….after playing around for abit….)

me: alright, i’m ready to go….

(so i start, at this point, my manly testosterone starts ramping up, determined to show off my skill at acing this boat race…the start off was alright, i make it safely across the first obstacle and am making my way towards the second one when everything just goes out of whack, the boat just doesn’t seem to go where i intend it to go. So at this point, my backup defense mechanism swings into play…)

me: wow…this boat is spoilt (excuse no1.), the boat doesn’t seem to turn left

her: haha, i have no idea how to work this boat as well, people who tried before actually gave up!

so at this point, my macho self is even more determined not to give up. and after toying around with the damn boat for a long time, i finally manage to get it safely back, and so that was the end of our first meeting.

After awhile, I’m determined to go back for a second try to prove my worth, but somehow the guy after me managed to break the boat, apparently angry at not being able to work it and so goes on to ram it into the wall and break the motor.

and so….2nd meeting……

me: so the boat broke?

her: yup, we actually had 2 boats, but both broke.

me: oh, thats too bad, i was actually aiming to beat the winning time!

her: so, are you a member here?

me: oh no, i’m just visiting my dad, i’m actually a student now on holidays.

her: so what are you going to school for?

me: umm..well, i’m actually going for engineering, but i’m not actually sure thats what i want….( so i go on to bore her with my life story of how i’m not actually sure what i want to do…ya da ya da ya da….)

(end of conversation and awkward silence… i try to shift the conversation and ask her what does she do)
me: so what do you do?

her: oh, i just work here, and at this other fitness place down town

me: oh! (not the response i was looking for, and so i try to sound interested), and so what do you do there?

her: oh, i’m just a receptionist there.

me: oh….(nod head), hmm…wow….

(at this point, the conversation comes to a screeching halt and i walk away never to talk to her again….)

SO….lesson LEARNT?? I don’t KNOw….you tell me….