July 2007

i know theres alot of spoofs and critics of this guy on the net out there right now but i just cant get enough of Man Vs Wild at the moment. the stuff that this guy does is just amazing. really makes JCC looks like child’s play. what sane person steps into a bog pit on purpose just to show u how to get out? just let the video load fully and watch it…the good stuff’s at the later part..


Give me a title for this. I can’t seem to think of one.


The former Sporting Lisbon winger marked the occasion with a goal too, accompanied by a trademark somersault celebration which has only earned him a warning from Ferguson that there must be no repeat.

Mel u sure you want to catch this movie? Remember Ballistic?


Someone buy the damn PS3 ….

As A walked over and reached for the plate of Nasi Ayam.

“STOPPPPP!!! Don’t eat the ayam! Bird flu la brudder!!” B yelled.

“Relax la bra! Sia la, 我非常饿, 抱歉!!” A retorted and sigh.

“Heng ar 幸好有鱼!!!” A mumbled with a relief look.

” OIIIII!! Fish worst la, mercury level in fishes are raising. Furthermore, the sea is extremely polluted! All in the name of global warming!!! No wonder got Live Earth” B replied.

” Wahh!! how la??!! @#$@#!! Vegetable can?” A shot back.

“Cannot !! Chemicals;Insecticide!!! Organic is too EXPENSIVE!!! Ai ya, a cheaper and easier way is to cannibalize! Gordon and bush living next door is ready! Isn’t that what the first world countries are preaching now?


Behind the shops and hawkers, a dark corner with a trail of yellowish-green slime ended in the drainage hole. Bits of tissue paper and cigarette stubs swam in the stagnant water. Her chest heaved and fell with each breath she took. “It’s enough. I’ve enough!” she sobbed. Overwhelmed by a sense of self-pity, she let out an audible sigh.

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