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As we are 1+ month away from a new EPL season, i know its still abit early to conclude anything but lets look back and nominate the best piece of transfer so far. We need to evalute the particular club needs before deciding.

1. Top of my list is definitely Pizarro to Chelsea for Free. That guy is a goal scoring machine for Bayern and Peru. He should be an asset for Chelsea. Currently Chelsea is over relying on Drog. Just hope he has a decent run of games to prove that.

2. Torres to liverpool. Excellent transfer. Liverpool needs a top class, big name striker who has the ability to score on big occassions. Kuyt will have less load on him in the process. He is too good to degrade like the past strikers in pool.

3. Da Silva to Arsenal. Arsenal always needed a fox in a box, a 20+ goal scorer that poach in the box to complement their flair. 8 million is a bargain.

How about you?