As A walked over and reached for the plate of Nasi Ayam.

“STOPPPPP!!! Don’t eat the ayam! Bird flu la brudder!!” B yelled.

“Relax la bra! Sia la, 我非常饿, 抱歉!!” A retorted and sigh.

“Heng ar 幸好有鱼!!!” A mumbled with a relief look.

” OIIIII!! Fish worst la, mercury level in fishes are raising. Furthermore, the sea is extremely polluted! All in the name of global warming!!! No wonder got Live Earth” B replied.

” Wahh!! how la??!! @#$@#!! Vegetable can?” A shot back.

“Cannot !! Chemicals;Insecticide!!! Organic is too EXPENSIVE!!! Ai ya, a cheaper and easier way is to cannibalize! Gordon and bush living next door is ready! Isn’t that what the first world countries are preaching now?