September 2007

Jessica Tan, 24
Children’s gym instructor


Height: 1.58m

Weight: 48.5kg

Exercise regimen: I do touch rugby twice a week. The team go through drills which work our agility, speed and angle of runs. We also practise our ball-handling skills. I play one game every week.

I do resistance weight training twice a week. This helps me to push harder and move faster in rugby. I have two weight programmes a week to work all my muscle groups. I also run on the treadmill for 5km twice a week.

Diet: I take three main meals a day, avoiding fried and fatty food. I also watch my sugar intake. My carbohydrates come from paste, noodles and pasta. Protein sources are eggs, fish and lean chicken meat. I avoid confectionery, except for the occasional chocolate doughnut.

recognise her???? Sunday Paper sweat section….


Arsenal’s turnover topped £200million for the year ending May 31, 2007, with group operating profits up by an astonishing 274% to £51.2million. And this is achieved without winning a single trophy in the last few seasons.

The profits well exceed the likes of Manchester United and Chelsea – whose respective turnover for the same period was £167.8m and £152.8m.

Moral of the story: All you need is free flowing attacking football.


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” Mourinho! I am glad you left! With your ego, you deserve to be here. Take over Carlos this January, together we can rule!! Join us!! Together we will be unstoppable!! Join the dark side!!”

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Big girls don’t cry

Mourinho sacked after Chelsea crisis meeting

Chelsea have confirmed that manager Jose Mourinho has left the Stamford Bridge club by ‘mutual consent’ after three trophy-laden years at the helm.

try this at home…quite amazing…