October 2007


New system gives Red Devils extra fire


Day One Hundred and Twenty Eight – What can you do?

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Apparently nothing! Today’s donation comes to 365 shirts from Lan-xin Foo! Lan-xin is a friend, and former co-worker of mine who knows a thing or two about Singapore. Thanks for the awesome donation! I was totally stoked when I saw all of the cool things you couldn’t do in Singapore.

All I know is that if I can’t pee, spit, chew gum, litter, eat and drink, smoke, set off fire crackers, vandalize, and take my durians on some public transport my day is ruined. Seriously though, eat/drink, chew gum…Urinate? I need the full story on this shirt…

Can’t wait to get it in December even though its out in stores now. Study hard, play like crazy in the end year man. Going to be the ultimate fighter babay.


here is just something sexy about this photo!

The flawless composition of the photo. The way Monica Bellucci looks at the bald head of 2006 player of the year winner, MEL. The way her cleavage is subtlety presented and of course the charming smile of MEL because he __________________________________

<complete the sentence>

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