November 2007

Spud says (11:29 AM):
how r u
back to school… says (11:29 AM):
very good
today was a good day
took a physics exam and felt good about it
back to school… says (11:30 AM):
made my soccer comeback tonight and kicked butt
assisted one, scored one
how about you??

I thought this guy was suppose to have collided with a Brock Lesnar causing an impact so loud that people all around him thought his shin was broken.


Just when you thought this Melvin was such an idiot, pasting a pro-wrestler, WWF superstar Ken Shamrock picture┬á on the side of the classroom’s wall for fun.


the end of another player ­čśŽ however, this one was special because i practically grew up with him. he was not the most talented in terms of flamboyant or showboating skills. he also did possess the pace to burn pass defenders. nevertheless he “delivered”. so milk all the money in LA LA land while u still have the chance…

“On a night when a point would do for England, their first half showing was that of a side who were intent on getting their manager sacked, with their so-called ‘world class performers’ such as Steven Gerrard and Frank Lampard looking more like non-league players having an off-day. Indeed, it was not until the chief marketing icon of the aforementioned and much lambasted competition made his belated entry at half-time that England began to rally and David Beckham was the only player who deserved better than this embarrassing demise.

Those who have written that this brilliant footballer is merely a walking advertisement in a generation of plastic celebrities fail to appreciate just what he has brought to the English game in the last decade. His mere presence lifted the crowd and his energy and delivery on the right flank was of a quality McClaren’s first pick, Shaun Wright-Phillips, can only produce on a PlayStation game.

Beckham’s pinpoint pass to set-up Crouch for the equaliser that should have sealed England’s qualification was a touch of pure class and it was a shame for the LA Galaxy star that the rest of his team mates were not good enough to capitalise on his enthusiasm and brilliance. This was Becks’ 99th international cap and as he took a bow to all four corners of Wembley at the end, he knew it would probably be his last. England will not be lucky enough to see his like again for some time and the FA should put on a game that ensures he collects the century.” +

Guus! You were almost made an idiot by yourself. Got to hand it to England and the McClaren Boys! Marcus is damn sad because he studied the whole fucking day to catch the “Game of the Year” as he mentioned. I dunno if they played well yesterday but throughout, England has been damn bloody irritating. They had been playing horrendous soccer so they deserve a wake up call. Shebby Singh did mention something worthy of hearing, ” If England goes out, it can be a good thing. They will have to look deeper into questioning why. They will have to review how their youth systems work and even the leagues. Look at Scotland. They are no pushovers. Celtic and Rangers have come a long way and have showed their substance in the Champions League. ” Ok la, I am a fan of Liverpool mostly by chance, that their EPL was telecasted at a time when I was yearning to watch. I like Gerrard and co. but seriously, fuck you all la, I like doesn’t mean I will support you blindly. England had been like shit, period.

Edit: I also feel perhaps McClaren put too much pressure on the boys. Every time I watch England play, its like watching a bunch of desperate … really desperate people playing. What to do? Coach must calm them down mah. Media and the boo boys…. you have only killed England..

“Crazy woman” swings umbrella at student. Student gives chase and gets into a heated argument. Boyfriend/Husband Ang Moh enters scene and attacks student then runs away. Unfortunately, Singapore HO la!. Uncles of Singapore unite and capture the enemy.

JERUSALEM, Nov 18 (Reuters) – Substitute Omer Golan was hailed ‘King of England’ by an Israeli newspaper after his goal gave the side a 2-1 win over Russia in a Euro 2008 qualifier that boosted England’s chances of reaching the finals.

Said Omer after the incredible victory, ” This one is dedicated to the Brits, thanks for giving us Jerusalem! We really had no where to go after the Nazi Genocides scared the shit out of us. Yeah, so thanks a lot for allocating this space set around friendly Muslim neighbours. Its such a bonus to have in this space Jerusalem itself! The Kingdom of Heaven eh! Why do I have an Aussie accent ar? Eh how come now Singlish sia. Anyway, we’ll try our best to settle in this Kingdom of Heaven, the place which has never known peace …”

My heart is broken man. Scotland was incredible last night. Everyone of them played beautiful soccer. And as usual, we had the Italian team… the one who plays ….. I cannot begin to describe it. To get a goal as early as in the 2nd minute was really a charm for them … If they did not score that quick goal I’m pretty sure they would have lost the game. Darren Fletcher was fuckin’ amazing. And the last minute goal that Italy scored … what the fuck man .. very bad refereeing (although the same can be said with Scotland’s offside goal, but they really had plenty of chances..) Anyway, my hats off to such minnows. These are the kind of teams you want to watch and hope to win … these are these are the kinds of teams that give meaning to soccer. Scotland, I will try my utmost to bring my level of dedication in every Minnows game I play …. God Bless Everybody.

And McClaren, you son of a bitch, you’re one lucky mf…

Late edit: I also realize what a dick Hiddink is. Don’t taunt your bloody opponent until its over la, what kind of psychological edge are you going to get out of this? Only going to fire England up. Now he looks like a complete moron having mentioned “England does not deserve to qualify” … you got to eat your own words my friend ….. THATS UNLESS ENGLAND SCREWS UP THE FINAL GAME AND RUSSIA DOES A WIN…. as of now, Mr Guus, you can slip the script of taunt right between your lips ..

Late late edit: I’m still celibate bitches!

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