My heart is broken man. Scotland was incredible last night. Everyone of them played beautiful soccer. And as usual, we had the Italian team… the one who plays ….. I cannot begin to describe it. To get a goal as early as in the 2nd minute was really a charm for them … If they did not score that quick goal I’m pretty sure they would have lost the game. Darren Fletcher was fuckin’ amazing. And the last minute goal that Italy scored … what the fuck man .. very bad refereeing (although the same can be said with Scotland’s offside goal, but they really had plenty of chances..) Anyway, my hats off to such minnows. These are the kind of teams you want to watch and hope to win … these are these are the kinds of teams that give meaning to soccer. Scotland, I will try my utmost to bring my level of dedication in every Minnows game I play …. God Bless Everybody.

And McClaren, you son of a bitch, you’re one lucky mf…

Late edit: I also realize what a dick Hiddink is. Don’t taunt your bloody opponent until its over la, what kind of psychological edge are you going to get out of this? Only going to fire England up. Now he looks like a complete moron having mentioned “England does not deserve to qualify” … you got to eat your own words my friend ….. THATS UNLESS ENGLAND SCREWS UP THE FINAL GAME AND RUSSIA DOES A WIN…. as of now, Mr Guus, you can slip the script of taunt right between your lips ..

Late late edit: I’m still celibate bitches!