Guus! You were almost made an idiot by yourself. Got to hand it to England and the McClaren Boys! Marcus is damn sad because he studied the whole fucking day to catch the “Game of the Year” as he mentioned. I dunno if they played well yesterday but throughout, England has been damn bloody irritating. They had been playing horrendous soccer so they deserve a wake up call. Shebby Singh did mention something worthy of hearing, ” If England goes out, it can be a good thing. They will have to look deeper into questioning why. They will have to review how their youth systems work and even the leagues. Look at Scotland. They are no pushovers. Celtic and Rangers have come a long way and have showed their substance in the Champions League. ” Ok la, I am a fan of Liverpool mostly by chance, that their EPL was telecasted at a time when I was yearning to watch. I like Gerrard and co. but seriously, fuck you all la, I like doesn’t mean I will support you blindly. England had been like shit, period.

Edit: I also feel perhaps McClaren put too much pressure on the boys. Every time I watch England play, its like watching a bunch of desperate … really desperate people playing. What to do? Coach must calm them down mah. Media and the boo boys…. you have only killed England..