Pay tribute to people like these. Scapegoats, sacrificial lambs … whatever. Some may call them ridiculous, stupid or redundant, but to do so and not think deeper is to miss the vital impetus that they drive at. Chee Soon Juan on a hunger strike vs Gandhi on hunger strike makes CSJ look stupid. True, but its the motive, the intent, that I find really admirable. I love my country not because of the garment. Because of my friends, the weather, the sports, the food…. blah blah blah. However, if there’s one thing I find very disappointing, it is the lack of cohesiveness that makes the Singapore flag, pledge and song feel meaningless. Huge sums of money spent on fireworks, Chingay.. blah blah is like fucking a girl while high on beer. It feels fucking good, but the emptiness and bitterness will resurface. Today, we live comfortable under a roof and having sufficient food. Amartya Sen once mentioned, ” Is it simply enough to have food on the table?”  To give basic goods to the needy does not relinquish the core problem of it all. It is the freedom to achieve that matters. The old man may be starving for weeks, and the man dressed in white passes him a bread or two. Is this sufficient? Is his dignity lost? The stigmatization of charity? Is charity a noble cause in the first place? Life chances govern people’s status in the inevitable hierarchical society that we all live in. It is not the denial of status-quo that Amartya Sen, Thomas Marshall or John Rawls seek, rather, it is the acknowledgment of life chances that we all must understand. Charity is not suppose to be on a volunteer basis, it is a FUCKING OBLIGATION. If I am fucking rich, and the government decides to tax me for redistribution to the poor (in a proper manner). Fuck yeah I will support that.  (right now only taxing occurring, redistribution still through charitable means and strict means testing)

Anyway, what has this got to do with the video? Sorry I went a bit overboard because quite passionate for this kind of shit. Nevertheless, just like every FASS student, I will link my points to the video in one way or another. The point is! ……… we need to start thinking ….. about everything ….. no … for real ….. the police in the video looked fucking dumb .. lets admit to that … they don’t even understand what they’re doing. Man I love the part when the cameraman asked, ” Hello?? Can you remember why you joined the police force?”

My question then is… arrr fuck you all la … i have no question … the thing is …. WHO THE FUCK CARES ABOUT ONE ANOTHER IN THIS COUNTRY.