2 belts in 2 weight categories. BJ Penn. He did it!  Finally earned his UFC Lightweight Belt against Joe “Daddy” Stevenson. Turning point for me was the lethal cut on the forehead Joe received. Other than that Joe’s ground game looked very sharp, neutralizing much of BJ’s superior jujitsu. I think the match would have really tested the both of them if he hadn’t been cut. Still, the standup obviously belonged to BJ.

In response to the fight, Sherk mentioned firmly that the future fight against BJ will not come close to this one.  In comparison to Joe, his standup, wrestling, cardio and most importantly, his heart is way better. I have to agree in a way. BJ will really be pushed to his limits, moreover against someone who can expose his weakness thoroughly, cardio-wise. I think Sherk stands a good chance against BJ because his ground and pound is fuckin’ vicious.

I admire BJ a lot. He is like the real ultimate fighter. However, if there is one thing I am a bit disappointed about him, it is his respect/mentality. Sometimes, he talks trash, but perhaps it is more for TV ratings or psychological games  with his opponents. I really hope he doesn’t slack for his next match, he has to really push himself and rely both on his God-given talent and his physical ability. A wise man once said, ” Hard work is a form of talent.”