Rijkaard: No Chelsea talks

I know papers generate 10x more rumours than fact. However, if this were to be true, I’d just like to say wtf man. Just because Avram Grant doesn’t seem to possess some sorta attitude?

I’d also like to qualm the idea the Liverpool is a threat is there is a no rotation policy. As a keen observer of their games, all I can say is, the main problem now is the 1st 11. Babell on a left wing is terrible. Please do not judge by his goals. Kuyt on the right is even worse. There are people like Pennant, Benyayoun, Crouch , Riise, Finnan, Arbelo and Alonso that do more damage. I totally disagree with his 1st 11. Very weak win over a weak team over the weekend in my opinion. This is the precise reason I was so happy Pool lost to Barnsley the other time. They are fucked up and they should reap the rightful punishments.