I am sad to admit this but Ronaldo is disappointing. I hope SAF sells him because it will never be the same again now that he time and time again admits that he wants to play for Real Madrid. Its like telling your pet I love you doggy but i prefer the cat. (ok totally no link there) And guess what his grandparents support him and his Portuguese coach supports him. So what are u waiting for? Send in your transfer request.. Let the media report on other matters like the Euros and how much tottenham is trying to buy every single available player.

Man Utd have to move on, cash in on him and re-invest in younger and hungrier players. There are many match winners in Man Utd and i am sure Rooney will take over the mettle lead Man Utd to another period of renaissance. The next holy trinity is Rooney, Tevez and possibility Benzema but regretfully it is not Ronaldo. (TNP reports Fergie ready to spend 30m pounds on Benzema)

Who scored 42 goals in 1 season again?