July 2008

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Jessica Alba is back. Life after pregnancy


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Coach Dunga




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Italy coach Marcello Lippi says he wants his players to copy the selfless style of Manchester United’s England forward Wayne Rooney.

‘What counts more than the formation is the philosophy, the desire of great players to put themselves at the service of the team when the opposition have the ball. Like Rooney does at Manchester,’ Lippi told Sunday’s La Gazzetta dello Sport” (Soccernet, 21 Jul 2008  )

That’s how the slave got 42 goals.

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United Fan Johnny Hampton, “The fans are the slaves not the players. I started work at 4 this morning and came straight here to watch the Reds. I’ve not finished paying for my trip to Moscow yet and I will have to work Saturdays and Sundays until September.  It takes me 7 years to earn what he earns in a week and although he is a great player, it is time for him to go and go soon” – Wire Service

No he must stay and be crucified. Man  Utd will not be a lesser team than Real Madrid.

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