The Red Devil are an intoxicating mix of speed, movement and purpose (goals!). They are the skilled master surgeons who performs heart bypasses through keyholes the size of fingernails.

They make their moves with the goal in mind doing so with grace and composure while avoiding unnecessary flourishes along the way.

They are beauty, muscle, and philosophy embodied. Compare this with the floozy, long winded artisans from Arsenal or the crude, bludgeoning-wielding caveman from Chelsea. Liverpool is okay and look half descent when Torres and Gerrard are in tandem.

Sure Berbatov, would give us an extra dimension in attack. But a team can only field 11 players at any given time, and having a silky target man up front may sacrifice Rooney and Tevez. If that’s not travesty I dont know what is.  So buy if he is available but we don’t NEED him

Source: TNP, Singapore, Eugene Lin.

Too many cooks spoil the soup.