Check this out guys! Saw her on the way to school. Thought of sharing it. Do you see this in Canada or US or China?dsc00060.JPG



There is just something sexy about this photo!

The flawless composition of the photo. The way Monica Bellucci looks at the bald head of 2006 player of the year winner, Cannavaro. The way her cleavage is subtlety presented and of course the charming smile of Cannavaro because he _____________________________

<please complete the sentence>

109589ejmi_w.jpg no need to comment. the band says it all.

304951hmol_w.jpg confirm must give alot of kopi money sia.

304963jorn_w.jpg 300 pussies against the Persian blasphemy

amazing what the ppl at worth1000.com can do with photoshop