Managed to see this pair over the weekend. And if you want to know the true measure of the human spirit…here it is…



Borderline police brutality there. You can see the cop just spraying at the students. This after we beat our school bitter rivals on their hometurf after 30 years.

The best street party i’ve seen so far…closest thing to feeling what its like to win the world cup.

Oct 21, 2008

Nude photos email threat <!–10 min–>

Man gets eight weeks jail for threatening to circulate colleague’s nude photos.

By Elena Chong

A MAN was jailed for eight weeks on Tuesday for threatening to circulate his colleague’s nude photos through e-mail if his demands were not met.The 41-year-old admitted to criminal intimidation by sending the 38-year-old woman an anonymous e-mail last Nov 21.

They were then colleagues in a law firm.

A district court heard that the woman, a secretary, received an e-mail from one ‘Marcus Tan’ that day asking her to be his friend and to reply to him or he would use her nude photos to make sex videos and circulate them.

The victim had been receiving e-mails from ‘Marcus Tan’ since Apr last year, some of which had attachments of edited and superimposed photos of her in sexy poses.

She had no idea who the sender was but police investigation showed that the accused was the culprit.

He was arrested on Jan 17.

Pleading for leniency, the accused said he did not know why he did it and that he was depressed and troubled at the time.


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Jose Mourinho has fuelled the fires of speculation by saying he has unfinished business in England and revealed he expects to return to England when his time comes to an end at Internazionale.


Mourinho: Three-year deal at the San Siro. After that…

Mourinho spent three years at Chelsea but unexpectedly left the post in September 2007 after a row with owner Roman Abramovich. Relations with the Russian are said to cordial again, especially after Abramovich bought Mourinho a £2 million limited edition Ferrari 612 Scaglietti in May.

Mourinho may well be interested in a job at Manchester United when Sir Alex Ferguson finally quits Old Trafford. The 45-year-old Portugese coach returned to management when he signed a three-year contract with Inter in June.

“I have a contract with Inter but when it ends I will probably return to the Premier League, a league I really like,” he revealed.

Mourinho has made a solid start to life in Italy, and guided the Nerazzurri to the Serie A summit with Sunday’s thumping 4-0 win at Roma.

The Red Devil are an intoxicating mix of speed, movement and purpose (goals!). They are the skilled master surgeons who performs heart bypasses through keyholes the size of fingernails.

They make their moves with the goal in mind doing so with grace and composure while avoiding unnecessary flourishes along the way.

They are beauty, muscle, and philosophy embodied. Compare this with the floozy, long winded artisans from Arsenal or the crude, bludgeoning-wielding caveman from Chelsea. Liverpool is okay and look half descent when Torres and Gerrard are in tandem.

Sure Berbatov, would give us an extra dimension in attack. But a team can only field 11 players at any given time, and having a silky target man up front may sacrifice Rooney and Tevez. If that’s not travesty I dont know what is.  So buy if he is available but we don’t NEED him

Source: TNP, Singapore, Eugene Lin.

Too many cooks spoil the soup.

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Jessica Alba is back. Life after pregnancy

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